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Abstract: The project continues the work of disseminating the importance of pollinators through a very innovative tool that consists of the use of the sound element to (1) bring even closer the value of insects, in general, and of pollinating insects, in particular, to the public, and (2) the identification and differentiation of pollinator species in the field. With the creative duo (Jansky) we will explore the possibilities of art science by fusing elements of the natural soundscape with avant-garde music and poetry. The specific objectives are: (1) to create a set of sound and visual art pieces from the recorded sound of various pollinators, (2) to develop a product that is easy to disseminate and distribute in the media and with a very wide ‘targeting’ that includes the young population, and (3) to use this material for the dissemination of other projects, conferences and activities in the field of insect pollination.

Parasyrphus macularis_Image11.jpg
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