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Abstract: The project aims to considerably advance the knowledge of pollinating insect communities and to compare the structure of pollination networks between different habitats characteristic of Menorca. Through an outreach and awareness campaign for the conservation of pollinating insects in Menorca, an attempt will also be made to improve the local community's relationship with pollinating insects, especially that of farmers to carry out practices that are friendly to the environment and, therefore, to pollinators. The main questions to aim at answering are the following: (1) Are there differences in the abundance, diversity and composition of the pollinating insect communities between the main characteristic habitats of Menorca?, (2) Are there spatial differences in the pattern of the pollination network structure, related to the type of habitat, according to a limiting pattern of pollinating insects?, and (3) By revealing the identity of the most important pollinating insects, their ecological role, and their main threats, could their relationship with man be improved?  Identifying the factors that are limiting pollinators will give us the keys to correct certain practices that endanger the survival of endemic species. This project will also revalue the recognition of the Menorca Biosphere Reserve, which is the only one in the Balearic Islands, as it seeks to conserve biodiversity, and specifically pollinating insects.

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