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Pollinator gardens for the city of Palma!

The initiative stems from a collaboration between the LIFE 4 POLLINATORS project with the Infrastructures Department of Ajuntament de Palma and the European Biodivercities project. Five pollinator gardens will be created in five districts of the city. Insect hotels will be built in each of the pollinator gardens, and the gardens will be used for holding various environmental workshops. The gardens and insect hotels will be designed, built, and managed by children representing the Consell Infants Palma, a chamber of representatives made up of school children that aims to involve the youngest in political decisions in order to improve the city.

The objective of this initiative is to involve school children in the improvement of urban biodiversity, active participation in environmental policy, and promoting the importance of pollinators and their conservation.

Photo: Rafel Beltra, technical biologist of LIFE 4 Pollinators presenting the project to the mayor of Palma and the children of the Consell d'Infants

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