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Study of pollinator communities on the island of Menorca.

Our laboratory continues to work in the pollinator communities of the island of Menorca within the framework of a biodiversity project granted by the Menorca Biosphere Reserve. The objectives of this project are: 1) Study the pollination networks of different habitats on the island (agroforestry, cliff scrub and dune system), 2) Contribute to the knowledge of local biodiversity and 3) Promote environmental education to increase social sensitivity to the problem of biodiversity decline faced by pollinators and their vulnerability in the Mediterranean region.

In addition, in the field work for the study of these communities, we have used for the first time adapted camera trapping based on machine learning technology that have allowed us to increase the efficiency of work and the number and hours of censuses.

After the spring campaign, we are now beginning to work with all the data and information collected so that we will soon be getting results. At the same time, we are also working on a didactic guide for environmental education aimed at schoolchildren.

Field work in one of the island's dune systems

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